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New silk road


          I. The system is specially formulated to standardize human resource management of the company, optimize human resource allocation, actively carry forward talent strategy, promote human resource stability, set up a high-quality staff team which is in a good state and closely unites, create a mechanism which promotes excellent talent to stand out and provide a powerful guarantee for quick growth and high-efficiency operation.

          II. The talent principle of the company: “Examining Education Background, Observing Capability, Valuing Performance”; the company advocates the working environment and learning atmosphere of “Fair Competition, Hard Struggling”; and anything embodies the result-oriented principle of “Employing the Capable Ones, Relieving the Incapable Ones, Replacing the Average Ones”.

          III. The basic norm of the company’s human resource management: “Open, Fair, Impartial” which efficiently encourages and restrains each of its employees.

          IV. According to the system, the company strictly abides by the philosophy of “People Orientation”. The system involves in contents such as the selection, recruitment, appointment, cultivation, growth, labor contract, performance appraisal and salary of staff.

          V. The system is suitable for the company’s human resource management and can be executed as a reference at special posts.